Illustration by Cecilia Macaulay

Illustration by Cecilia Macaulay

In short, to me permaculture is mainly a way to have an organic food garden that’s stunningly beautiful, productive, and comes without any tedious garden work… working with nature and animals instead of fighting them.

A way of creating a sustainable place, whether it being an edible garden, an edible forest or a green eco house. It’s to live with nature in symbiosis. Not for selfish gain, but to only take what you need and to leave the remainder to other natural beings. Giving the natural life a chance to recover, grow and flourish.

cup of teaPermaculture is a practical concept applicable from the balcony to the farm, from the city to the wilderness. It enables people to establish productive environments providing for food, energy, shelter, material and non-material needs, as well as the social and economic infrastructures which support them. Permaculture means thinking carefully about our environment, our use of resources and how we supply our needs. It aims to create systems that will sustain not only for the present, but for future generations. definition from Permaculture International Journal


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