Natural animal care

sushiNot that sushi here has a care in the world. đŸ™‚

Animals actually don’t need us humans. They do pretty well without us, and cats are a prime example of this. Of course, they don’t mind us either. They quite like our company, if it’s a positive relationship. But we humans do need animals. Not only are animals good for our physical health as food, but living animals are just as important for our spiritual health. Studies have shown that pets improve mental health, lower our heart rate and give us a general sense of well-being that is rooted in our evolutionary past. Pets often serve as a trustworthy confidant for a child’s feelings of loneliness, sadness or fear.

Animals also have an important function in the permaculture landscape, acting like a natural pest deterrent, tractor (pig or chicken tractor), fertilizer and can help restore erosion through desertification when managed in the correct way. (holistic animal management, Allan Savory)

When we decide to keep animals and pets it is our responsibility and duty to nurture them by giving them a natural way of life, a variety in food to comply with their dietary needs and the social livelihood they naturally need. When animals become sick, 90% of the time they can heal themselves, if given the space and availability of herbs to roam for themselves.

So, what the hell did I do studying Holistic Veterinary Medicine  for 5 years!!  Well, sometimes pet owners or farmers can use a little guidance in improving the animals wellbeing by changing the diet of their pets, changing their housing situation or adjusting their relationship with their animals. Some animals who are ill or out of balance can use a little help through natural medicine, and the beauty is that there is no placebo effect with animals! Animals teach you what really works and what doesn’t. I will write entries about natural animal care in my blog along the way.


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