There is a lot to be said about food. What’s healthy and what’s not seems to be changing all the time. But one thing which feels right to me, is to only eat food which comes directly out of nature, and of which the production doesn’t harm nature in any way. I will post more about food and recipes in my blog, but here’s a general idea of what we eat.

I prefer to grow my own or buy organic fresh food. There is nothing like harvesting food out of your own garden. Preparing a salad and going into the garden or green house to pick a few tasty smelling tomatoes, a lush cucumber (usually a bit deformed and ugly!) and a few colourful flowers to brighten up the salad. And it always tastes great! Food to actually heal and nourish your body, instead of your body trying to cope with all the poisons, additives and other things we prefer not to know about.

But obviously there is more food than fresh greens and fruits. There is meat, which preferably should be organic, but definitely from grass fed animals. Animals who have been fed their natural diet, without the need for lots of medication to deal with incorrect food (grains) or housing and who have lived a life worth living are in turn the healthiest (stress free) meat we can wish for.

The story on carbs. A very inconvenient truth, but wheat should not be in our diet. Wheat causes obesity, rises the blood sugar levels and more importantly wheat production has a disastrous effect on soil. We are trying to be on a grain free diet, well wheat free, to be more specific. Using only Spelt flour, quinoa, oats, almond meal and coconut meal. Totally carb free is healthier, but seeing as we are lucky to have no food intolerances in our family we can continue to enjoy our spelt cinnamon pancakes!

But if we are not getting our energy out of wheat (sugar based), we need a healthy substitute. Fat. Yes, the right fats are healthy. Lots of nuts, fish, butter, avocado’s and oils. Healthy unsaturated oils like Coconut oil and virgin olive oil. And lots of it!

So what about the sweet stuff? I love sweet stuff! Give me carrot cake, give me cheesecake! Feed me, feed me! Well, I’ve thrown all sugar out of the window. But, come on, I still like my sweet stuff, and use alternatives like stevia, yaconsyrop, coconut blossom sugar and raw honey. All low in glucose levels.

And not to forget eggs. Ahh, I can’t wait to have our own chickens! For now we have to buy organic eggs and dairy products, preferably from goats milk, which is easier to digest. Then add other superfoods like raw cacao powder, coconut milk, herbs…, hmmm, I’m starting to get hungry from all this food talk! Time to go and fry up something!


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