Zone 1 Garden Establishment- Herdade de Lage, Casteloa, Portugal

TreeYo Permaculture

Zone 1 Garden Establishment

Having had the good fortune of being contracted out to create a Permaculture landscape at Herdade de Lage, a 130 HA (325 acre) ranch in Alentejo near Odmeria, Portugal, a small group of permies banded together to meet the clients needs and the landscapes wishes. Our first task there at the ranch was to establish zone 1 gardens out in front of the taipa ruin that is being renovated. Work started in the late winter that seemed to drag on this year in Portugal with cold temperatures and near constant rains.

Zone 1 Space next to the building on the terrace Zone 1 Space next to the building on the terrace

Observation and interpretation

Upon arrival and examination of the space we saw a previously terraced space that was near level but still gently sloping to the south-south east. The space is an irregular shape being nearly triangular but more of a rhombus shape. The eastern…

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