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I never would have guessed that I would enjoy reading to children.  Years ago, before having my own children, I would observe people reading bedtime stories to children and would think to my self that I would never be able to bring up the patience to do something like that! And then you grow into motherhood as your first child is born and I must have gone through some metamorphose or something, because for as long as I can remember I have been reading books to them! Now I must admit, that I only read books to them which I enjoy myself as well.

small captain

I started off reading fairytale books, but soon came to the realisation that those stories are pretty horrid really… the big bad wolf eating everyone and having his belly sliced open, filled with stones so that he can go and drown himself?  Poor little Hansel and Gretel being left in the woods by their selfish parents, because they want to keep all the bread for themselves?? No wonder Jim worries sometimes that’ll I leave him behind somewhere!  Not to mention Gretel stuffing the witch into a hot oven! I mean come on, and these are childrens stories??

little captain

Ok, so we still read all the classic fairy tales, it’s part of our culture, no matter how redicilous they are, but still. Then I bought books with fairytales from different cultures, which was more of a success. For me, anyway. I love to tell them about other cultures in the world. Although, sometimes they look at me all dazed, as obviously they can’t comprehend all that information of somewhere they’ve never been, seen or heard of. Sometimes I can definitely be a little too enthousiastic, when the fact is they are just too young for that kind of input!

nooitlek And then I discovered the Little Captain by Paul Biegel. Of which there are three books; The little Captain, The little Captain and the Seven Towers and The little Captain and the Pirate Treasure.

The story is about a very cool (mature) young captain who has no parents and lives on the top of a dune where a big wave threw down his boat, the Neverleak. He and three children from the nearby village, Marinka, Timid Tony and Tubby that escape their parents strict instructions to keep away from the boy with his ship, start out on an adventure when the boat is thrown back into the ocean by another big wave. Their goal is to reach the Island of Great and Growing where you become an adult in one day. The story is a bit similar to Odysssues travels, full of mythical and magical creatures and adventures. Dragons, pirates, giants fill the many short chapters of this book.


At the moment we are in the third part. We read in it every day, as we all (!) can’t wait to see what happens next. The boys are enjoying it immensely and I can imagine that adventurous girls, like myself 🙂 would really enjoy it as well. Highly recommended!

And while I’m at it, I’d also like to recommend; The dwarfs of Nosegay by the same writer (Paul Biegel), for younger children (4 yrs+).


Hello world!

My first post on this blog! I wonder how I will do… I’ve always been terrible at keeping a diary, which I attempted many times as a child. Now looking back into those diaries (often changing to a new diary of my latest taste) I see many blank pages with now and again an entry apologising for not writing for so long!

empty pages

But, we are now in a new era! The era of digital technology. No blank pages, as there are no dates to fill! Right up my street! Surely this will turn me into an excellent blog writer. Probably not a daily writer. Maybe not even a weekly writer. But there is no right or wrong in the blogging world!

Now I just need to see if I can find anyone actually interested in my ramblings…! 🙂