me and zoeThanks for reading my blog!

My name is francine, I love walking on bare feet.  Beach sand between my toes, green grass under my feet, and smooth floors and soft carpets underfoot at home. Going barefoot happens to be very healthy too! Children naturally love to go barefoot to become grounded, connect to the earth and to soak up the negative ions found in the earth. (which is actually something positive for your body!)

Always being a lover of nature and animals, I studied holistic veterinary medicine which was my first step into learning the essence of good food for a good health, the power of healing nature has to offer and the negative effects of many pharmaceutical medicine. After my studies our children were born, whom learned me even more about following your instincts and having trust. We people tend to have the need to control so much!

Working with horses, dogs and cats (and dealing with our children!) have shown me time and time again, that to truly find harmony, you will have to let go of the need to control through force, and go with the flow of nature. How difficult it may be sometimes! But it is actually so logical, when you just stand still for a moment and observe. And that’s what led us to studying Permaculture, Holistic animal management, natural child-led education, and a healthy balanced diet. The principles of which I would like to share through this blog.

We are a young family who live in the Netherlands and we are also in the process of looking for land to start a community using these principles. This blog is about our own learning progress and how we are getting on with realizing our dreams and becoming greenies!


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