On your bike

The thing I like most about the Netherlands, is their bicycle culture. I know, Holland should be about windmills and clogs, and you will find one occasionally. But bicycles? Yes, now that is a true dutch culture. Anyone who has ever been to Holland will have noticed the large amounts of bikes. They are simply everywhere. And not any old bikes. No, we’re talking complete works of art here.

Obviously being a small, compact and, most importantly, a flat country, there’s no better way of getting around than on your bike. The old cities don’t leave much room for parking many cars. Making the parking problem far less frustrating is by simple going by bike. In fact, you will find that most cities have bikes available at the central station, or bike rentals all over the city.

Most children are brought up with this culture by cycling to school from a young age. Which is a great way for children to get around, learn to deal with traffic and to get their much needed daily exercise. Many mums also have a ‘delivery bike’ (bakfiets) to rush their (smaller) children around in.

..or dog of course… 🙂

..0r to go shopping, as it’s like having a small car. We have one ourselves for the same reasons. Not only is it a lot of fun to see and do, it is also a totally eco friendly way of traveling around and free exercise as well. I can highly recommend it.


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