A city permaculture balcony


After weeks and weeks of rain, cold and misery, about a week ago suddenly the sun decided we were worthy of her warmth again and spring went into full spin. In just a week or two our little balcony garden/herb box has exploded. Full with colours of the flowers, different coloured herbs and small salad plants. It’s a joy to watch them grow. But it’s a time to also get into gear ourselves, to keep them watered and feed them accordingly. feeding the worms for worm juiceWe also needed to fertilize the box with lots of worms and wormjuice (basically worm pee/poo)

Not forgetting to also feed the worms themselves with leftover fruit and veggies, peels and whatever organic rubbish I can find. And with a household of 2 growing boys, two busy parents, there is plenty of that. Happy worms do a lot of good for your garden. Airing the soil, feeding the plants and cleaning up rubbish.

So, I went out into the morning sun to take some photos of our edible balcony. Where space is tight, so you need to use it to it’s full potential. Tall climbers like raspberry, kiwi’s and grapes along the wall and canopy. Hanging strawberries, and bee attracting flowers at the base of the plants. Also acting as a ground cover.

And a herb box, filled with different varieties for companionship growing. Basically we chuck a load of seeds in, and those who thrive best do so by growing alongside companions who support them. We have calendula’s in there, strawberry plants along the edges, so the strawberry’s can hang overboard. Parsley, thyme, dill, mint, chives, basil, sweet violets (great for in salads), marigolds to deter too many insects and somehow even some sunflowers managed to get in there. I’m sure I missed a few, but just to get a general idea.


No need to weed, just harvest when you need and that creates room for more to grow or expand. And of course we don’t want to forget about our animal friends. Only birds in this part of town, but at least something! A nice little hideout.  And for the insects an insect hotel.

insect hotelfor the birds


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